Priority Seating ties seat locations in Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Bramlage Coliseum with contributions to the Ahearn Fund. With the high demand for football and men’s basketball season tickets, the Priority Seating model continues to create equity among Ahearn Fund members based on annual membership levels.

The Priority Seating model asks that season tickets holders be Ahearn Fund members at a certain level to maintain their seating in the premier sections of Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Bramlage Coliseum. Ahearn Fund members who meet the minimum annual contribution will have the opportunity to renew their current seats each year.

One quarter (25%) of your annual Priority Seating contribution is due on March 1 of each year and the balance is due June 15 to secure your seats for the approaching football and men’s basketball seasons.

Men's Basketball Seating Contribution Levels

Ahearn Fund members are given the opportunity to purchase men's basketball season tickets. Priority seating sections in Bramlage Coliseum require a minimum per seat contribution to the Ahearn Fund in order to purchase seats on a season ticket basis.

Contributions made for priority seating count toward your total Ahearn Fund annual membership level and earn Priority Points at the rate of 3 points per $100.

Members of the Ahearn Fund staff are available to personally assist you with your season ticket request to accommodate your desired level of giving. For information, please call the Ahearn Fund at 888.232.9074.

The chart below displays the minimum per seat contribution needed to purchase Priority Seats:

Postseason Tickets

Tickets for postseason events are based on Priority Points and availability is from the Big 12 Conference, bowl partner and NCAA. It is important to follow the ordering deadlines and procedures to secure the best possible seats based on your donor rank as determined by Priority Points. Any time the Wildcats are poised for possible postseason play, ticket applications will be mailed in mid-October for a bowl game, and January for the Big 12 Championship(s) and NCAA Tournament(s).

On the date listed below, all season ticket holders and Ahearn Fund members will receive a post-season ticket application in the mail.  Any application received before the deadline specified on the application will be seated base on Priority Points and availability. 

All post-season tickets are allocated based on Priority Point rankings on the date specified in the chart below:

Sport Event Application Mailed Order by Points Ranking as of
FB Playoff / Bowl Game October November December 4
MBB Big 12 Tournament January February December 31
WBB Big 12 Tournament January February December 31
MBB NCAA Tournament January February December 31
WBB NCAA Tournament January February December 31

Priority Seating Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding priority seating, please contact the Ahearn Fund at 785-532-5282 or via email at

When will the Priority Seating contributions be due?

One quarter (25%) of all annual contributions related to Priority Seating are due on March 1 with the full balance due on June 15 of each year. The Ahearn Fund staff is available to personally assist you with completing your contribution form or a payment schedule if you would like to make payments over the course of the year. Please contact us at 1-888-232-9074.

Can I keep or improve my seats each year?

Yes, Ahearn Fund members who make the minimum contribution and meet the deadlines each year will have the first opportunity to renew their seats each year. During the renewal process Ahearn Fund members will also have the opportunity to request an improvement in their seating. Requests for improvements in football seating will be reviewed in order of Priority Point ranking on March 1 of each year. For basketball seating improvements requests will be reviewed in order of Priority Point ranking on June 15 of each year.

How do I request an improvement or change in my seating or parking assignment?

Seating and parking requests should be submitted with your season ticket renewal. Please write your request in the space provided on your renewal form and return it to the K-State Athletic Ticket Office by the date indicated on your renewal. For personal assistance in this process, please contact the Ahearn Fund at 785-532-5282 or via email at

Do the contributions I make for football seats and parking count for my basketball seats and parking too?

Football and basketball Priority Seating require separate contributions. Reserved and VIP parking for football and men's basketball also require that you meet the minimum contribution ($500 & $1000 respectively) for each sport.

Do my Ahearn-Football and Ahearn-Men’s Basketball contributions improve my Priority Points?

Yes, all annual unrestricted contributions to the Ahearn Fund earn 3 points per $100. This includes contributions to the following allocations: Ahearn, Ahearn-Football, Ahearn-Men’s Basketball, Ahearn-Women’s Basketball, Ahearn-Loge, West Club, West Suite, East Chairback and East Suite. Capital Campaign gifts (Vanier Complex, K-State Basketball Training Facility, etc.) also earn 3 points per $100.

Restricted gifts earn Priority Points at a rate of 2 points per $100; those allocations include Golden Cats, Diamond Cats, Wildcat Legends, etc. Finally, season tickets earn 1 point per ticket for the following sports; Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball.

For more information on Priority Points, click here, or contact the Ahearn Fund staff at 1-888-232-9074.

Does my Priority Seating contribution include the cost of season tickets?

The cost of season tickets is not included in the Priority Seating contributions. Season tickets are purchased separately through the K-State Athletic Ticket Office.

Do I have to be an Ahearn Fund member to purchase season tickets?

It is not required that you join the Ahearn Fund in order to purchase season tickets as there are many areas of Bill Snyder Family Stadium and Bramlage Coliseum that do not require a Priority Seating contribution.

However, we encourage all K-State fans to become Ahearn Fund members. As an Ahearn Fund member, regardless of membership level, you are contributing to student-athlete excellence at K-State. Support received from Ahearn Fund members is used to provide scholarships, academic counseling, sports medicine, equipment and travel, which are the components of a great student-athlete experience. The Ahearn Fund also provides a competitive edge for K-State by enabling a national reach in recruiting, providing salary support for coaches and allowing the department to properly maintain and modernize facilities.