The Ahearn Fund priority point system was created to reward loyalty for all season ticket holders and Ahearn Fund members. It is designed to provide a fair and transparent method for determining season ticket and parking placement, as well as distribution of tickets for high-demand events.

Important Dates

Ranking determined for bowl game

Ranking determined for basketball postseason

Ranking determined for FB seating & parking

Ranking determined for MBB seating & parking

How Priority Points Work

Specific point values are assigned to certain giving types and season ticket purchases. Your point values from each category will be combined to create your point total, or rank. Rank is defined as your point total within your Ahearn Fund membership class. This point total will increase annually based on the criteria below:

  • 3 POINTS per $100 of consecutive year giving to annual funds since 2010
  • 3 POINTS per $100 of giving to capital projects
  • 2 POINTS per $100 of consecutive year giving to restricted funds or endowments since 2010
  • 2 POINTS per $100 of consecutive giving from 1999-2009
  • 1 POINT per season ticket

Did you know? Ahearn Fund members receive 1 bonus priority point for each football bowl ticket that is pre-ordered through K-State!

Calculating Your Priority Points

Your Priority Point ranking is listed on your annual Ahearn Fund Membership Renewal form. Your ranking is shown as it relates to the total number of active Ahearn Fund members. You can also access your ranking and a breakdown of your points by logging into your Ahearn Fund account.

The Ahearn Fund Point Calculator allows members and supporters to easily calculate their point totals and rankings and gauge their current standing or potential increases.

The calculator is based on three options:

  • What would my points, rank, and lifetime giving be if I donated a certain amount?
  • How much do I need to donate to reach a certain ranking?
  • How much do I need to donate to have a certain number of points?

Ahearn Fund points are used to determine priority order for season ticket and postseason ticket seat locations. Below are step-by-step instructions to utilize this new feature.

  • Log into your online Ahearn Fund account
  • If you are new to, use your email address on file with the Ahearn Fund to set up your account. Don’t know which email address you have on file? Request changes online or call the Ahearn Fund hotline at 888-232-9074.
  • Click on the “What’s Your Score” icon.