A planned or deferred gift can offer you substantial tax and estate planning benefits and allow you to make a larger and more lasting gift to K-State. It can be a gift K-State Athletics receives now or in the future, and it is also a way you can be a key supporter while meeting your own financial goals.

Planned gifts to the Ahearn Fund can be made through charitable trusts, gift annuities, bequests, life insurance, and numerous other tax-wise tools. See below for further information.

Benefits to the donor would be additional Priority Points to commensurate with the value of the gift and duration of the gift. Deferred gifts do not replace annual giving requirements derived from the Priority Seating and Priority Parking programs, but many donors find great satisfaction in knowing their gifts will continue to benefit Kansas State student-athletes far into the future.

For more information on planned giving, please contact an Ahearn Fund representative at 888-232-9074 or by email at ahearnfund@kstatesports.com

Estate Gifts

After providing for family and other loved ones, you may include a gift to the Ahearn Fund in your estate plan to continue your annual gift in perpetuity or to make a special gift not possible during your lifetime. This can be accomplished through a bequest in a Will or Living Trust or as a beneficiary designation on life insurance, IRAs, qualified retirement plans, etc.


Bequests are important to assuring K-State’s position as a leader at both the conference and national level. All bequests should be made to the Kansas State University Foundation. The donor can then designate the Kansas State Athletics Department to benefit from the bequest. Bequests enable the department to consider these expectancies in long-range planning for gift support.

Gifts of Life Insurance

When properly arranged, life insurance offers an attractive way to benefit K-State Athletics. The department currently encourages policies at a minimum of $1 million.

Testamentary Charitable Remainder Gift

A charitable bequest can be arranged to provide income for a selected beneficiary (i.e. nephew, niece, friend) by directing that the bequest be used to establish a charitable remainder annuity trust, a unitrust or a charitable gift annuity. The named beneficiary may receive income from the trust for life, or for a specified number of years. When the trust is terminated, the principal will pass to K-State Athletics.

In addition to the personal satisfaction of making a philanthropic gift, the estate will receive a charitable tax deduction, reducing estate settlement costs.

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts provide donors with options to retain annual or more frequent income for a lifetime or period of time. When funded with appreciated assets, these popular arrangements avoid capital gain tax, produce income tax deductions and benefit the donor’s athletic program of choice.

These types of gifts include:

Annuity Trust

An annuity trust pays a fixed amount that never varies from year to year. The amount is established when the trust is created.

Gift Annuity

A gift annuity is a simple contract between you and the Kansas State Athletics Department. In return for your gift, the department will pay you a fixed sum on a regular basis throughout your lifetime. An additional benefit is that only a portion of that income is taxable.

Deferred Gift Annuity

A deferred gift annuity is a valuable tool for retirement planning. Contributors make a current gift to Kansas State Athletics, but delay receipt of income until a pre-selected date.

Charitable Reminder UniTrust

The unitrust is used to make a life income gift that specifies a percentage of payout to a designated beneficiary. The beneficiary receives regular income payments, equal to the percentage of the trust assets as revalued annually.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets offer another tax-effective way to make a generous gift to Kansas State Athletics. The account can pass directly to the department as the primary beneficiary, or it can be transferred to a deferred giving arrangement that will pay an income for life to a family member, after which the remaining assets pass to the athletics department. Kansas State Athletics recommends that donors consult a tax adviser or attorney for assistance in preparing an estate plan.

Which Gift is Right for You?