Corporations and businesses encourage philanthropic behavior and enhance the impact of employee generosity with matching gift programs. Depending on your individual company’s policy, your gift or volunteer efforts for K-State could be increased from one to three times for each dollar you contribute.

Other individuals who may qualify to have gifts or volunteer efforts matched include spouses of employees, retirees and members of boards of directors.

Does Your Employer Offer Matching Gifts?

Many companies and corporations provide matching gift programs for employee contributions. Ask your personnel office about your employer’s matching gift policy and see how you can double or triple your gift for K-State Athletics. Matching gifts do count toward your membership level and Priority Points. Please enclose the matching gift form provided by your company with your contribution to increase your gift and benefit level.

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To initiate a matching gift, complete your employer’s matching gift form and send it along with your gift. For specific information about your employer’s matching program, contact your human resources department or search for your company’s policy.

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