Why is it important that I make my pledge and send in at least 25% of my contribution by March 15?

Meeting the March 15 deadline helps the staff provide the best possible customer service, helps ensure fairness and helps the administration deliver the fiscal accountability you deserve. By indicating your intent to renew your Ahearn Fund membership by March 15, you guarantee retention of your current seating and parking location for football, provided you meet the minimum contribution level for the seating and parking area and pay your pledge by June 15. March 15 is also the date which we will calculate Priority Points for football seating and parking upgrades.

Additionally, having pledges in by March 15 helps the athletics department accurately project cash flow which assists the department with the budgeting process for the coming year. The budgeting process for the department begins in march and a completed budget will be published in late June.

Why is my total gift due by June 15?

To maintain our fiscal responsibility and accountability; it is critical that the department can accurately project revenue for planning and budgeting purposes. The department’s budget process begins in March each year and the books are closed and the fiscal year ends on June 30. Once the fiscal year ends, an annual report detailing how your gifts were utilized will be prepared and distributed to all Ahearn Fund members. Of course, you may complete your pledge in full at any time prior to the deadline.

What happens if I don’t make my pledge by March 15? Or my total gift by June 15?

It is important to meet the deadlines established to ensure that you retain your current seats and parking. If you miss these deadlines, your seats and parking will be placed on our open seating/parking list and if there is a request that matches any open seats we will move those who have met the deadline into the open seats and/or parking. This is critical to ensuring fair treatment for Ahearn Fund members and season ticket holders and giving those members who meet each deadline an opportunity to improve their seats and/or parking.

Can I pay my Ahearn Fund gift in installments?

You can make monthly payments toward your Ahearn pledge. Equal monthly payments can be charged to your credit card on the date you specify. An important thing to note if you are setting up a monthly payment schedule for the first time is to please make sure that the portion of the donation related to priority seating of 25% is paid by March 15 and the balance is paid by June 15. We will always work to accommodate your requests and preferences regarding payment schedules. Please call the Ahearn Fund office at 888-232-9074 to personally discuss your options.

What are the advantages to paying my entire gift by March 15?

Points are credited only as dollars received. Completing your gift by March 15 means that you will get Priority Point credit for the entire amount of the gift, which will improve your seats and/or parking. Points will be calculated on March 1 and those totals will be used for football seating and parking upgrades. Points calculated on June 15 will be used for Men’s and Women’s Basketball requests.

How do I earn Priority Points?

All gifts to the Ahearn Fund earn priority points, which determine the order in which Ahearn Fund member’s season ticket and parking are placed, as well as distribution of tickets for high-demand events. Priority points are awarded per every $100 gift to the Ahearn Fund, as well as per season ticket purchased. Click Here to learn more about how the priority point system works.

When are Priority Points calculated?

Priority Points are calculated four (4) times per year on the following important dates:

  • March 15 – Football seating and parking requests and football away game seating allocation and assignment
  • June 15 – Men’s and Women’s basketball seating and parking requests
  • December 2 – Postseason football (Bowl game seating allocation and assignment)
  • December 31 – Postseason basketball (Men’s and Women’s Big 12 Tournament and NCAA Tournament seating allocation and assignment)

Can I join the Ahearn Fund if I don't have season tickets?

Yes, the Ahearn Fund is Kansas State's National Fund for Student-Athlete Excellence. Being an Ahearn member, at any level, helps the departmnet to achieve the vision of being a model intercollegiate athletics program. Annual gifts to the fund are the lifeblood of K-State Athletics. Those dollars allow the department to provide a world-class student-athlete experience, maintain and provide on-going facility upgrades, attract and retain great coaches and enable a national recruiting reach. At the same time we pledge to operate in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.

“Playing By The Rules”: NCAA Compliance

The Kansas State University athletic programs are governed by the rules and regulations of the NCAA and the Big 12 Conference. Current NCAA regulations require that, if you, as a donor to Kansas State Athletics or any person directly or indirectly related or affiliated with you, violate any of the rules and regulations of the NCAA or Big 12, the university must disassociate itself from you and any future university-related benefits or privileges available to you will be terminated.

Your participation in this program and your acceptance of benefits and privileges available from the University as a part of this program is your acknowledgement and agreement that, in the event of any such finding by the NCAA, the Big 12 or the University, all future benefits and privileges will be cancelled and/or forfeited by the school.

View complete compliance information for K-State boosters, alumni & fans